Ein paar Zahlen zur Craft Public Beta

Vor zwei Monaten wurde die öffentliche Beta von Craft veröffentlicht, passend zum kleinen Jubiläum präsentierte Pixel & Tonic ein paar interessante Fakten in einem Blogartikel.

  • 1,346 Craft licenses have been issued.
  • 19 updates have been released including 94 bug fixes, 87 improvements, and 33 new features.
  • 205 packages have been purchased by extremely intelligent, charismatic, and hard working people.
  • 376 package trials have been started by equally gifted people that might have some commitment issues to work through.
  • 568 awesome members in our very helpful Google+ community!
  • 1,365 tweeple are following @craftcms on Twitter.
  • 2,007 one-click auto-updates have been successfully served. Turns out that people like to stay up-to-date if you make it easy enough.
  • 7 engaging community chats and events.
  • 9 - The impressive percentage of visitors to our site from Germany. The Germans... they love Craft.

Besonders freue ich mich natürlich darüber, dass ganze 9% der Besucher der offiziellen Website aus Deutschland stammen.