Dot All 2018 Videos

State of Craft 2018 - Brandon Kelly

Inclusion Through Engineering at PBS Kids – Aaron Berkowitz

Accessibility: It Matters to Everyone – Kaitlyn Martinez

Architecting a Content Website – Souvik Das Gupta

How to Migrate Legacy Content to Craft Without Losing Your Sanity – James Greig

Scaling Craft Sites for Large Launches - Matt Weinberg

Using Our Superpowers for Good – Eryn O'Neil

Effective Development Lifecycle with PhpStorm - Kirill Smelov & Andrey Sokolov

Prioritizing Author Experience – Katie Fritz

Beyond the Small Business; Advanced Tools and Configurations – Nate Iler

Webpack, Gulp, and Babel, Oh My! – Jake Dohm

Multilingual Sites in Craft 3 – Zoltan Varady

Design Processes and Systems in Craft – Courtney Bradford

Modern Frontends Using Craft CMS, React, and GraphQL – Paulo Elias

Building a Smarter Craft Commerce Website – Stephen Callender

Running Craft as a 12-Factor App on Heroku – Bob Olde Hampsink

Building IoT Solutions Using Core CMS Features – Nicolas Le Guillou

A Real-Life Journey into the Opinionated World of Utility First CSS – Simon Vrachliotis

The Art of Plugin Development – Ben Croker

Making a Craft CMS Website that FLIES – Andrew Welch

Foto von Thomas Sausen

Selbstständiger Webentwickler, der 2005 mit WordPress-Websites anfing, dann zu ExpressionEngine wechselte und 2013 sein Herz an Craft CMS verlor. Als Gründer von Craftentries, berichtet er seit 2015 über das Craft-Ökosystem.

Thomas Sausen